B2B In Demand offers multi-touch, customized Account Based Marketing solutions that combine outbound and inbound channels to empower every stage of your ABM program. We are widely known for the successful development and execution of campaigns by covering four important aspects of the ABM process.

Understanding B2B Account Based Marketing

B2B marketers often cast their campaigns over a wide network of the target market to engage as many companies as they can. ABM or Account Based Marketing is an alternative B2B approach that centralizes on a defined set of target accounts in a market where personalized campaigns are designed to work with each account.

The name account-based marketing comes from the fact that campaigns are solely based on specific needs and attributes of the target accounts.

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Who Needs B2B Account Based Marketing?

While there is no specific type of companies that need account-based marketing, it is particularly for corporations seeking high-value customers. ABM strategy rejects the traditional broad-reaching approach of sales and marketing efforts and reduces them to specific clients.

Even after fewer sales and marketing efforts, ABM requires expertise in account-level personalization and thus has a history of higher implementation cost than the traditional marketing. However, with the advancement in marketing technology, ABM can now be implemented at a much greater scale at a much less cost.

Benefits of B2B Account Based Marketing

According to a 2014 ITSMA Account-Based Marketing Survey, ABM accounts for the highest ROI than any other B2B strategy.

The fact that ABM hits on specific targets allows marketers to use their resources efficiently and thus reduce the resource waste that otherwise happens quite often.

It’s a known fact that personalized or individual or one-to-one marketing always pays-off better than other marketing techniques. Account-based marketing strategy involves personalized efforts to specific accounts which is more likely to engage customers with specifically geared content relevant to their business.

When done on a small-scale, it is always easy to monitor the results of a marketing campaign. Being specific to high-value target accounts, it is easy to analyze the effectiveness of any type of campaigns including ads, web, events, or emails. It helps draw clear goal tracking and measurements.

ABM, maybe not the most, but is one of the most efficient strategies to align sales and marketing. The reason behind this is the fact that ABM marketers primarily operate with a sales mindset. Our approach always centralizes on how to target accounts, bring them to your client list, and generate revenue.

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