Preceding to the onset of advanced market research proficiency, most B2B Market Research companies were primarily product-focused rather than focusing on the market of said products. They utilize scores of sales personnel to boost their products and/or services into the market.

Modern marketing techniques are leveraged by the social sciences, particularly psychology, sociology, and economics. The market-centered businesses with all their forces try to determine what their plausible customer’s desire and then advance to build the product or service.

The marketing theory and processes are condoned by believing that individuals or businesses employ a product or service, either because they have a requirement or The product or service has an obvious benefit.

The analogous tasks taken under by the Business to Business or B2B marketing research organisations are inclusive of a collection of formats comprising of data requested by the business customers and coordination of a variety of data collection vehicles.

After all the necessary data is gathered and composed, a structured report is cumulated with the necessary information. The report is the handed over to the business client along with the finalised answers and advice that can be taken forward as actions. The company then utilizes that data from and works on a suitable strategy.

Market research firms typically collect the required information through a market survey. The parameters and areas of research are more often that not, defined by the client. The business may be interested in finding out their market reputation.

The research helps the client businesses to discover the real present market value of the firm. Often, they decide to redefine or refine their products and services to benefit from the new data and knowledge acquired. In order to maintain or grow in standard, it is important that the business communicates a consistent set of impressions to demonstrate their commitment. The research conducted enables the company to identify and target the market, with respect to demand. It ensures that their customers are retained and satisfied with the efforts made.

B2bindemand provide both primary &secondary market research services using proven qualitative and quantitative strategies. We specialize in providing CATI and CAWI services, and lots more.

What our Marketing Research Offers:

Qualitative and Quantitative research

Quantitative research studies (e.g., surveys or medical trials) and qualitative research studies (e.g., interviews or focus groups) are powerful tools in the hands of a trained marketer. Both forms of research are valid, and both provide useful insight into a market space, when properly conducted and appropriately interpreted. Yet they are as different as oil and water.

CATI - Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing

Computer-assisted telephone interviewing is a telephone surveying technique in which the interviewer follows a script provided by a software application. The software is able to customize the flow of the questionnaire based on the answers provided, as well as information already known about the participant. Computer-assisted telephone interviewing software has built-in logic, which also enhances data accuracy when data is obtained.

Computer-assisted telephone interviewing may function in the following manner most times. A computerized questionnaire is administered to respondents over the telephone. The interviewer sits in front of a computer screen and when instructed the computer dials the telephone number to be called. When the participant is contacted, the interviewer reads the questions on the computer screen and records the respondent’s answers directly into the computer.

B2B indemand have immense experience in leading the interviews and collecting the data for both constant and specially appointed projects of all types. In spite of the fact that we make a decent attempt to keep the quality of reaction high and have successfully completed projects utilizing CATI of interview lengths between 45 to an hour, even among “hard-to-reach” groups, for example, C suites administrators and Company Secretaries of expansive organizations.

CAWI - Computer Assisted Web Interviewing

CAWI is an Internet surveying technique in which the interviewer follows a script provided in a website. This service spares our customers from the pressure and cost of face-to-face research surveys.

Our skilled Marketing Research team, is capable to complete any online surveys, survey design, marketing analysis, forecasting through marketing activates, which permits the customer a balanced photo of their client’s needs and wants.

IDIs - In-depth Interviews

In-depth-interviews, also known as IDIs or simply ‘depths’ within the qualitative research industry, are a useful way for researchers to explore ideas with participants individually. It’s a very different experience compared to being in a focus group or group discussion, but it can serve a different purpose and generate different kinds of research insights.

Preceding directing an IDI, our talented Market Research Team, recognizes a specific group, in connection with the product or services, our customers are concentrating on. Through the specific inquiries, we discover significant data, for example, their musings on the product or services, how they feel the product or services; would be best used, and any new thoughts for future product or services, in view of the client’s needs.

Our performance and provision and B2B indemand:

Analysing Opinions
Researching and Testing Concepts
Overall Industry Research
Study of Consumer Behaviour

Profit with the assistance of our cutting-edge market research solutions today. Every business requires an intensive and in-detail market research information to achieve success with their marketing strategy. What’s more, the above services assume an urgent part in deciding the achievement proportion of any technique.

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