Do you have these inherent 10 traits? Then you might be a leading B2B Lead Generation marketer. You may have mastered the art of sales, but do you have what it takes to become a B2B marketer? Here are the 10 traits of successful B2B lead generation marketers.

Focus on the numbers (ROI)

B2B lead Generation


Successful B2B marketers tend to focus on the numbers. They provide incremental value in terms of production, revenue and cost-balance. They also tend to find the best methods to acquire leads and generate awareness, as they have a healthy focus on the numbers. When ROI is coherent, and your business is working well, it is usually because there is a successful B2B marketer involved. The successful B2B lead generation marketer can analyse trends, find new leads and focus on how well marketing strategies are converting for the company.

Lead generation vs Lead conversion

B2B lead generation conversion


If your marketing strategist only focuses on B2B lead generation, then they may be only partly successful. Lead conversion is just as important as lead generation. There are various advantages to having a singular mindset but converting the leads with quality strategy-making is key. Companies that tend to have higher lead conversion metrics have a quality B2B marketer. Lead quality is an important factor in the discussion as well, as converting for value is better than converting for figure.

Value-sourcing to third parties

b2b lead generation - Sourcing


Many top B2B lead generation companies work with some of the leading brands in the world. These companies have a value-source model, where they work to build up the lead pipeline. They prospect for quality leads and enable successful marketers to perform better. They provide unique B2B marketing strategies that convert into B2B sales. Marketers that know when to value-source are better than others. They also tend to work with the best quality value-sourcing companies in the marketplace.

Focus on messaging and communication

B2B lead generation - communications


Messaging is key when it comes to B2B marketing and sales. Successful marketers tend to be good at communicating the value proposition. They’re also good at leveraging messaging tools like digital marketing, content optimization and SEO. They’re generally also good at being focused on the consistency of the message. While messaging is essential, being consistent is equally important in B2B sales. Consistency ensures that the outreach is professional and captivating.

Networking and thought leadership

B2B lead generation - Networking and thought leadership


If you’re highly adept at networking and understand the importance of thought leadership then you’re going to be a better marketer. You’re also going to have a better grasp at the market and clients listen to what you have to say. You’re, in turn, a value-add to the company you’re working for. Any marketers can do so by putting in the requisite time and effort.

AI, Machine Learning and Data

B2B lead generation - AI Machine Learning and Data


B2B marketers that are focused on leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and Machine Learning tend to be better at the craft. B2B marketers that have an innovation-first mentality tend to be more successful than those who are “business as usual”. These B2B marketers also have a passion for the industry of technology, and how design interacts with it. That passion arises naturally and these B2B marketers are naturally curious about technologies unfolding.

Brand-first marketer

Marketers that understand the importance of branding are successful, when compared to those that aren’t. B2B marketers who have a brand-focused mentality focus on design and the exploration of visual graphics. They are more communicative in the way they describe the brand and have more to offer in terms of client value. The brand has an aura of excellence and B2B marketers are adept at making clients buy-into that philosophy.

Positive client feedback

B2B marketers that receive positive client feedback and affirmation are generally the ones that are successful. They bring in more business and have a client-first mentality. They also tend to have a better hand at the market and can find client needs before they’ve even verbalized them. Positive client feedback ensures that the company is running effectively and that there is a quality B2B marketer hired. That B2B marketer has the right attitude towards customer-success and is oriented to satisfy customer requirements.

Excelling in digital marketing

b2b lead generation - Digital marketing

B2B marketers that excel in digital marketing, CRM, SEO and other tools are highly successful. They understand the shifting dynamics of prospecting and have the right approach when connecting with clients. They also provide deep insights into digital marketing that are customized for the client they’re working with. In that way, they are able to leverage digital tools that much better. Digital marketing is the future of brands, and B2B marketers that understand that early are more successful.

Trend-spotting & execution

B2B marketers that are good at spotting trends tend to be more successful. These marketers are also good at execution, as they’re able to find the latest trends effectively. They’re able to find value within the trenches and need little to no oversight to do so. These marketers can deliver actual value to the organization in terms of revenue, leads, and prospects. They also tend to have a mature attitude towards execution and oversee projects until fruition. They’re also focused on supporting their teams to create better execution channels.

Working with the right B2B marketers

It’s important to work with the right B2B experts. Otherwise, your marketing spends may be wasted and your approach incorrect. The right B2B lead generation company can create significant value for your brand, giving you the right direction in approaching B2B sales. It can also create a reliable acquisition pipeline for constant lead generation.

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