B2B Telemarketing may still have its place in B2B lead generation, especially given the size of the countries you’re operating in. For countries like India, telemarketing may still provide increased benefits from telemarketing services. For countries like US, UK, Canada, the targeting may need to be optimized to reach deeper pockets. All in all, B2B telemarketing has a global reach that is undeniable, but there are better methods to prospect customers.

In 2005 it took about 3.8 calls to reach the right person. More than a decade later that number has doubled. The reason is that telemarketers have saturated the market and are focusing on speed. B2B prospecting takes time and quality leads need to be nurtured not forced.

From digital marketing to lead generation analysis, there are less intrusive methods of outreach. While telemarketing may be omnipresent, the lead conversion rate is always in question. There are difficulties in taking clients from the phone to the website. Often times clients are on the go. This makes the telemarketing process challenging. Alternatively, brands can opt for digital marketing and content lead generations strategies. These have proven to be successful and can be tracked.

Prospecting methodology

There is a difference in prospective methodology. When it comes to B2B telemarketing, there is a shotgun/spray approach. Telemarketing reaches out to all known contacts and leads, after which it explains the core messaging. However, this is largely an intrusive method. Clients may get put-off by the intrusion. They might also view your brand in negative light the next time.

That’s why companies should opt for more technical prospecting methods. Tools like digital, online and SEO can help in establishing brand presence. This develops a coherent client pipeline that doesn’t need to be activated repeatedly. However, the intention behind follow-ups and reaching out remains the same. Regardless of telemarketing or digital, companies need to hire the right B2B lead generation company.

Brand communication


b2b telemarketing & lead genenration


How do you want your brand to communicate in 2018? Digital and AI are the way forward. B2B Telemarketing is seen as an interruptive method of communication. Since agents are opting for quicker turnaround times, they’re worried about their quotas. However, clients prefer to wait and spend some time before they decide. They may ask pertinent questions which the telemarketer may not understand.

If your brand hires the right B2B lead generation company, then they can optimize lead conversions better. Having right B2B marketing strategies, means that the message must be communicated accordingly. That’s where digital prospecting comes in. It can create better value in terms of content, communication and delivery. Telemarketing may befuddle the message as it is scaled up to reach the maximum number of listeners.

Net vs Spear strategy


b2b telemarketing & lead genenration


The net strategy waits for clients to walk-into the net, while the spear strategy reaches out to the right clients. B2B lead generation companies often use a spear strategy to hunt for the right clients. Your business is valuable to them, and they deliver on their results. That’s why traditional telemarketing companies can’t succeed beyond a point. They may get restricted to a certain industry or certain scale. A blended approach could also work better.

B2B companies are using thought leadership, networking and engaging with key influencers. This is helping them significantly as they scale their operations through organic growth. There are various benefits to using the right B2B lead generation company, which is why companies should conduct thorough research.

Funnel optimization

b2b telemarketing & lead genenration

Telemarketing may be helpful to get the message out there but can’t optimize the acquisition funnel. For clients that are in sophisticated industries, having a tele-caller explain features and benefits may be difficult. Instead, B2B lead generation companies opt for a value-driven approach. To optimize the funnel correctly, they focus on SEO, email and digital marketing tools. Content is a major factor that plays into acquisition as well.

The collective effort that B2B lead generation companies put in adds significant value in the prospecting space. B2B sales depend on content marketing as their primary source of inbound leads. When it comes to outbound, thought leadership and marketing tools become of preliminary importance.

Intelligent calling and prospecting


b2b telemarketing & lead generation


There is still significant value in intelligent calling, wherein leads are collected via a website, email strategy or SEO, and prospects are contacted. Even still there is a targeted approach, with data and insights into how your company can impact theirs. Otherwise that lead is wasted, and the opportunity is lost.

When your sales agent can work on pitching, instead of approaching, your business can become that much more valuable. Intelligent calling systems ensure that the CRM is well-updated, and your leads are engaged with well. This is also where your leads are explored further, with more information being added back to the CRM.

Prospecting is enhanced when you are working with the right B2B lead generation company. These companies understand your business needs and find the right fit with the desired clientele. There are also advantages in terms of making sure that the lead is nurtured instead of exploited. Relationships are key in the B2B sales space.

The solution

Having the right approach to B2B telemarketing can be beneficial, in that, it should be used as methodically as possible. A spray & pray method may not work for your brand and may turn-off certain clients. Clients need to be prospected and outreach must focus on nurturing the right leads. Networking is key as well and hiring the right B2B lead generation company can be a game changed for your company.

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