Evolution of Account Based Marketing Strategy

Account based marketing strategy (ABM) has been the talk of the town for a while now, furthermore its been evolving and developing to even a greater technique than it was before. And therefore today we bring to you the top 5 ways in which account based marketing strategy will change your game in 2018 and beyond.

Information- fatigued customers are demanding for more personalized advertising, which answers their concerns. The traditional B2B leads have continually failed to offer solutions, to the most pressing needs of the clients. People are tired of the anonymous Ads that spam their emails, or the messages. The need to precisely reach to the correct audience might fail to be achieved if mass marketing is adopted.

The modern customer wants to be reached in person while addressing their main concern regarding the products they desire. Essentially, the business benefits through accelerated sales, thus improving the profit margin.

An Account based marketing strategy can define the nature of the customers, based on age, sex and other parameters that control commercial interaction. The following information discusses how the account based marketing strategy will evolve in the year 2018.

#1 Artificial intelligence will take precedence


Account based marketing strategy


Account based marketing techniques will be impacted enormously by AI, in the sense that machines will be programmed to reach out to the specific customers. Marketing and customer service is undergoing a major change in favor of automation. For instance, there are companies like Fully-Verified who do fully automated video chat identity verification, something unthinkable just a few years ago. The evolution of technology is happening at a very rapid rate.  We are living in a world whereby every activity that is performed by human beings can be perfectly replaced by a machine. While some businesses are leveraging from the benefits of the machine learning, a new dawn has arrived.

Artificial intelligence will replace virtually the presence of humans  in the offices to conduct the marketing roles. Instead, the organizations will come up with chat bots, which will be engaging the customers in a personalized manner. The machines will replace the human intervention in disseminating the information to the customers. This technology is already in use in some of the large organizations.

A company like Tesla has tenured in this area and it’s known for its innovations of Google-driven cars. Other companies are also following suit, in this case by improving their customer relations through bots. Change is inevitable, and we have to position ourselves to integrate the innovation.

#2 Location Data Centered



ABM will capitalize on understanding more information about the customers. This will be achieved by utilizing the feedbacks of the customers, to establish the preferences. That way, a marketer understands what kind of information to share to the target group. Big data is one of the areas that have continually been on upward growth.

As the time progress, so is the need to understand what the consumers need. The only way to get an insight into the demands of the populace is employing the data extraction strategies.

Location data uses the information gathered through previous engagements with the customers. This could be through emails, chats, phone calls and other sources. The marketer is, therefore, able to get finite elements such as the location of the client and their preferences. Based on the information, the business tailors products that fit the needs of the customers. Due to the change in tastes of the customers, the predictive analysis would enable the organization to give an accurate picture of the nature of the customers they deal with. The characteristics to look out for are the spending habits and the rate of growth of the client.

#3 Marketing Software will grow


Marketing software growth account based marketing strategy


In the year 2018, it is expected that the ABM will experience a proliferated use of specialized software stack, to reach more targeted accounts. The marketers will have to invest in more specialized system that is able to communicate to the target account in a more personalized manner.

The challenge of modern marketing tools is that they become obsolete with time. This is contributed by the fact that the market variables change with time. Whatever a certain company used to reach customers in a specific geographic location is not constant. It’s influenced by factors such as changing economic cycles and the competitors.

As the businesses continue to maintain the competitive edge, they will be forced to come up with the most reliable system. Marketers will turn a keen eye on what best suits their operations to save on cost and maximize the profit. Also, the old models of marketing tools will have to be refined to meet the current trends.

#4 Repetitive Marketing


Remarket Account based marketing strategy

A proper Account based marketing strategy enables the marketer to get the messages to the target audience. However, the objective is not achieved in the first instance. Most of the people scroll the e-commerce site but fails to purchase on the first visit.

This confirms that a marketer should be aggressive in reminding the potential customers of the importance of the products. Use of re-marketing ads and offering discounts encourages the prospective buyers to purchase the items of interest.

It’s undeniably true that human beings get to understand more through repetition.  In the year 2018, it is speculated that the marketers will fervently publish the information of their products more frequently. The aim of this is to retain the previous customers and remind them of the available products.  Re-marketing is effective not only to improve the brand image but also to attract new customers seeking a reliable business. Every marketer should understand this concept.

#5 Social Communities Will Be New Influence


Account based marketing strategy


In the year 2017, account based marketing strategy embraced the online communities that increased the brand awareness. The same case seems to happen in the year 2018, due to the effectiveness of the strategy. Marketers will use the common platforms either integrated on the company’s website or utilize the social media groups such as Facebook.

In these platforms, the marketer should not dominate the discussion as their main role is to gather more information from the customers. They would assume the role of a problem solver, only addressing the concerns in the right manner.

Furthermore, it is expected that the marketers will better understand the nature of the customers. Through interaction, they will evaluate their needs and share the same information with the executives, for service improvements.

While the proliferated use of website chats was embraced in the previous years, more groups in social Media are expected to rise.  Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook and others will be used corporately to create brand awareness.

Account based marketing strategies are transcending the turmoil of sophisticated market to generate accurate leads. If you are a marketer, you got to equip yourself with the recent changes in marketing. The highlights discussed above give insight into the nature of modern trends.


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